“Ukrainian patterns” is a new powerful pro-national project from ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant. While traveling in Ukraine in search of inspiration, Yaroslav Galant assured once again how rich and beautiful our culture is and how important its preservation is at present.

“Preservation of Ukrainian national traditions – is a tremendously important task. They are not only a rich heritage of our ancestors, they are also a primary source of fashion and beauty. Besides, they are the most valuable notional rebus we have the honor to decode and enrich.”

Two unique designer’s collections already became a part of “Ukrainian patterns” project. Namely, furniture embroidered with Ukrainian decorative patterns presented during MTKT-2010 exhibition that entered “Ukrainian Guinness Book of Records”, as well as author’s series of Watch UP wristwatches made in “patterns” style. New projects Yaroslav Galant is currently working at will be presented soon. Yaroslav intents to make “Ukrainian patterns” project internationally recognized to highlight rich Ukrainian traditions for world society.